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April 25, 2017


Report on the successful demonstration of innovative basic technologies for future optical access network "Elastic Lambda Aggregation Network"

Release Digest

NTT, Hitachi, OKI, Keio University, KDDI Research and Furukawa Electric have jointly challenged the advanced future network for 2030 and beyond by conducting innovative studies on Elastic Lambda Aggregation Network (EλAN).

EλAN sets an adaptive modulation OFDM transmission system, which leads to the significant improvement of optical frequency utilization efficiency, into the access (subscriber's home-central office)-metro (central office-central office) network that directly connects the subscriber's home and the metro central offices via fibers and WSSs. Therefore, EλAN provides flexible assignment of the transmission speed and optical frequency bandwidth towards diversified services with different types of traffic, such as internet, enterprise line, and mobile services.

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