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May 24, 2017


Development of ultrasound technology to realize highly accurate, simple and painless breast cancer screening

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Breast cancer screening system mock-up and prototype configuration

Hitachi today announced the development of ultrasound measurement technology that realizes highly accurate, simple and painless breast cancer screening.

The examination that does not rely on examiner skill-level is made possible as the technology employs a doughnut-shaped ultrasonic device that emits and collects ultrasonic waves from 360 degrees to automatically conduct scans. It is safe and painless as the person undergoing the medical exam is only required to lie face down with one breast in a vessel filled with water. Based on the velocity of the ultrasonic waves and other information collected, it is possible to measure not only characteristics of a tumor (such as hardness, viscosity, and surface roughness) but also to visualize any micro-calcification in the mammary glands, therefore contributing to higher screening accuracy.

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