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Research & Development

Research AreaHealthcare

Contributing to creating systems and solutions
to improve quality of life and realize
appropriate healthcare expenses

Hitachi is engaging in R&D on healthcare information, in-vitro diagnosis, image diagnosis
and radiation therapy, etc. creating innovative systems, and solutions for quality healthcare.

Technology Platform

  • In-vitro Diagnostics

    Developing technologies to identify, quantify, and evaluate disease- and health-related factors such as biomolecules, nucleic acids, cells, and bacteria contained in blood and urine.

    Core technologies

    • Biomolecule detection
    • DNA measurement
    • Cell function measurement
    • Microbe detection
  • Healthcare Informatics

    Developing predictive analytics for areas such as risk and medical costs, by integrating data from digitalized medical information such as electronic health records, wearable sensors and medical imaging.

    Core technologies

    • Risk prediction
    • Medical bill prediction
    • Pharmacotherapy selection support
    • Biological monitoring