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May 21, 2019


Kazuo Hiramoto Receives Medal with Purple Ribbon

Release Digest

Hitachi today announced that Kazuo Hiramoto, Ph.D., Research & Development Group was awarded the Medal with Purple Ribbon at the Spring Medals of Honors commendations in the first year of Reiwa.

The Medal with Purple Ribbon is bestowed upon individuals with outstanding achievements of invention or discovery in the fields of science and technology, sports, culture and art. Hiramoto invented the innovative particle therapy system with high frequency extraction technology. Implementing particle therapy system equipped with such technologies has been highly evaluated in the perspectives of realizing treatment with little pain and improving patients' quality of life ("QoL") for maintaining social life and treatment. The technology leads to realization of respiratory gating irradiation with accurate irradiation for moving tumors by accelerating extraction and pausing of particle beam and scanning irradiation with capability of precise control of fine particle beam for various types of tumors, minimizing position change of particle beam.

Hitachi aims to contribute to improving people's QoL and building sustainable society through Social Innovation Business. Hitachi will continue to focus on human resources development for particle therapy system.

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