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September 11, 2017


Successful prototyping of a rotating polarized wave receiver for high-quality wireless communication in manufacturing environments

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Comparison of waves in linear and rotating polarization

Hitachi today announced the successful prototyping of a rotating polarized wave (RPW) receiver that ensures high-quality wireless communication even in manufacturing environments which have poor reception due to the presence of many physical structures such as those made of metal or concrete which obstruct radio communications. RPW differs from conventional wireless communication as it employs an original transmission method developed by Hitachi whereby rotating the oscillation direction of the radio waves enables the waves to reach their destination even in environments where there are many impediments.

High-quality communication can be achieved with the prototype wireless receiver developed, as the optimal rotated wave for reception is automatically selected from among the transmitted RPW.

Hitachi will accelerate the development and practical application of RPW wireless communication technology through further field tests, for use in IoT systems which demand a high level of reliability.

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