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Discuss the future

To find questions and answers that we should explore to survive in the future,
we are going to hold a series of discussions with a variety of people in the society.

Crisis 5.0

Let's say we live in the year 2050. What societal issues are we facing? Aging society? Declining birth rate? Depopulation? No. These are not societal issues, but phenomena that we need to face and accept. A societal issue arises when the phenomena threaten our essentials, such as lives, properties, rights and identities and raise fear in us.
How do the phenomena threaten us? We talked to professors in Kyoto University and gave it a lot of thought. The discussions with the professors specialized in primatology, taxation, ancient Roman history, human emotions, South East Asian studies and African studies superficially seem unrelated to the societal issues that Japan will be facing, but we found that they are all related to constant fear that people have been suffering.
"Crisis 5.0" summarizes the potential crisis that we are going to face in the future.