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There is a growing need for innovation in the social system to handle complex social issues including the low carbon society and low childbirth/aging society.
The purpose of this study is to portray a hypothetical "vision" for social system proposal requirements, which is revised to embrace the viewpoint of citizens, and to contribute to the activity of forming a framework that will act as a centripetal force for municipalities, co-creative partners and Hitachi Group.
This is not a conventional forecast that can be measured in advance through analysis, however, we carried out desktop research focusing on literature and websites from the viewpoint of PEST (P: politics, E; economy, S: society, T: technology) and investigated this in terms of a time scale from 2005 to 2030 and beyond in order to create in advance a selection of visions for the future that the Hitachi of the future might choose from.
We captured the embryonic movements of change through this insight into the future and came up with the 25 signs of sustainable urban life.

  • * This content is in regard to Japan and is translated into English.

Sign 1Civic Mining

Rediscovery and utilization technology for urban resources

Sign 2Mottainai Space

Surplus space in the city

Sign 3Beyond Green

Diversification of environmental values among people

Sign 4Micro Eco

Improvement of eco-decomposition capability

Sign 5The Slower, The Smarter

The needs for both city and nature

Sign 6Ownership

From ownership to usership

Sign 7Civic Price

Commoditization of cities

Sign 8Emerging Community

New relationships with developing countries

Sign 9DIY Society

DIY oriented society

Sign 10Reshaped Infrastructure

Reviewing the aging infrastructure

Sign 11Sense of Safety

Hyperawareness of perceived public security/observed public security

Sign 12Borderless Medical

Eliminating the borders for medical services

Sign 13The Right to Mobility

Secure and convenient new mobility

Sign 14Power of a Name

Change in value by naming

Sign 15Civic Literacy

The need for social literacy technology

Sign 16Community Education

Promotion of education to improve regional power

Sign 17Post Price

Diversification of remunerative value

Sign 18Hospitality Crisis

Limitation of services

Sign 19Overdiligent

Necessity for comprehensive worker care

Sign 20NEET to go

Transition of NEET population

Sign 21Global Empowerment

Necessity for international human resources

Sign 22Singleship

Single person safety net

Sign 23Wishloops

Diversification of last wishes

Sign 24Model of Family

Diversification of the concept of marriage/concept of family

Sign 25Missing Reality

Ambiguity in boundaries of awareness in communication

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