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Ubiquitous HDD

Volume 56 Number 1 January 2007

Featured Articles

Trends in HDDs for Consumer Electronics Usage and their Supporting Technologies
Atsushi Saito / Hiroshi Nishida
Stream Manager—Targeting High-functionality AV Equipment at Low Cost
Mika Mizutani / Damien Le Moal / Hiroaki Washimi / Masanori Hashio
AV-use File Systems for Multiple High-definition Era
Nobuaki Kohinata / Damien Le Moal / Mika Mizutani
"iVDR-Secure" Solutions for Content-access Services
Yukihide Inagaki / Hirofumi Sukeda / Hiroo Okamoto / Tatsuya Hirai
Human Interfaces Supporting New Encounters with Digital Content
Hiroko Sukeda / Youichi Horry / Yukinobu Maruyama / Takeshi Hoshino
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