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Hitachi Review

1. Connected Appliances: Front-loading Washer/Dryer

[01]BD-STX110G (W) front-loading washer/dryer[01]BD-STX110G (W) front-loading washer/dryer

Hitachi has released the BD-STX110G front-loading washer/dryer (11 kg washing capacity, 6 kg drying capacity), which features a control panel with wide color liquid crystal display (LCD) touch panel that provides easy viewing and operation.

Its main features are as follows:

  1. A control panel with 7.8-inch wide color LCD touch panel for easy viewing and operation that displays information in a list and is easy to operate.
  2. Wind Iron feature eliminates the need for ironing by drying clothes with high-speed wrinkle-smoothing air jets with a speed of about 300 km/h*1.
  3. Automatically dispenses the proper amounts of liquid detergent and fabric softener with every wash. Eliminates the inconvenience of manually measuring and dispensing products, while also ensuring superior cleaning and softening performance by always dispensing the right amounts.
  4. AI Wash*2 function that cleverly delivers a clean wash by sensing nine different variables (including type of detergent and dirtiness of clothes) to automatically control the wash as needed for each cycle.

(Hitachi Global Life Solutions, Inc.)

Speed in the vicinity of outlet is calculated based on outlet cross-section and the air flow rate. Tested by Hitachi Global Life Solutions.
Operates during the washing cycle of the normal program to adjust water use, energy consumption, and operating time. Tested by Hitachi Global Life Solutions.

2. Connected Appliances: Smart Stocker

[02]R-KC11R smart stocker[02]R-KC11R smart stocker

Hitachi has released R-KC11R smart stocker, which links to a smartphone for supporting stock management and purchasing. Its main features are as follows:

  1. Weight sensors are installed in the second and fifth shelves of the compartment to detect the weight and display the stock status on a smartphone. The app will also notify users when the food is running low. Also, if frequently-used purchases are registered in advance, users can go directly from the app to a registered electronic commerce (EC) website for a smooth shopping.
  2. The temperature inside the compartment can be switched between frozen, refrigerated, and room temperature according to the food that is stored. For refrigeration, moisture cooling feature*, with a chilled temperature of approximately 2°C, ensures long-lasting freshness of food.
  3. A simple, flat design is used that blends easily with any interior. Together with its compact size, R-KC11R can be used not only in the kitchen, but it can also fit in well in various other spaces for a wide range of uses.

(Hitachi Global Life Solutions, Inc.)

Moisture cooling does not include the door pockets.

3. Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner

[03]PV-BH900J (left), state when stored in the upright charging stand (right)[03]PV-BH900J (left), state when stored in the upright charging stand (right)

Hitachi has released a new cordless stick vacuum cleaner, PV-BH900J, which provides outstanding power to quickly clean every corner of the house.

Its main features are as follows:

  1. A new jet three dimensional (3D) fan motor is used that increases the air volume by approximately 15%*1 compared to the previous model*2. Also, by downsizing the fan motor body by approximately 46%*3 and reducing the weight of the cleaner body and head, Hitachi has achieved a standard weight*4 of 1.7 kg, approximately 0.2 kg lighter than previous models.
  2. The head includes white and green light-emitting diode (LED) lights. In addition to a white LED light, a green LED light, which is close to the wavelength that is perceived as the brightest, is used. A total of seven lights are efficiently focused on a lens that illuminates the front of the vacuum cleaner head, bringing to light dust that is difficult to see in dark as well as bright areas.
  3. The vacuum cleaner uses Hitachi’s tangle-free brush, which is a rotating brush on the back of the head with a loop-shaped tip. This tangle-free design makes it harder for hair and other debris to get caught in the rotating brush, making it easier to clean.

(Hitachi Global Life Solutions, Inc.)

Measurement of the maximum air flow at the inlet. Comparison of the FY2020 model PV-BH900H (approx. 1.13 m3/min) with the PV-BH900J (approx. 1.30 m3/min). Tested by Hitachi Global Life Solutions.
FY2020 model PV-BH900H.
Volume comparison of the FY2020 model PV-BH900H (approx. 155 cm3) with the PV-BH900J (approx. 83 cm3). Tested by Hitachi Global Life Solutions.
Total weight of body, extension pipe, head, and battery. Measurements based on the voluntary standards (HD-10) of the Japan Electrical Manufacturers’ Association.

4. Connected Appliances: Health-conscious Superheated Steam Microwave Oven

Hitachi has released the MRO-W10Z health-conscious superheated steam microwave oven in its series of connected home appliances. Its main features are as follows:

  1. Hitachi’s original W scan system, which measures the weight and temperature of food*1, has introduced a new control that makes vegetables crispy. The required heating value is calculated from the weight and surface temperature of the food, and the area of the food is identified from the temperature change of the food. By intensively sensing only this area, temperature changes are detected in a short time and the food is cooked at once with up to 1,000 W*2 of high-power heat. This new control suppresses the water released from the vegetables, resulting in a crispy texture*3.
  2. A large 5-inch color LCD touch screen enables easy-to-use operation. Based on feedback from user surveys, the control panel has been redesigned to make it easier to access frequently-used microwave heating functions. Text and illustrations provide easy-to-understand guidance on cooking tips and how to use the accessories, and an auto menu is displayed for easy selection. The screen shows the date, time, weather forecasts, and recommended recipes in standby mode.
  3. The design is gentle enough to fit seamlessly into daily life like a tool. The doors have rounded corners and a matte finish, and the handles have gold accents embedded in them to blend in gently with the kitchen.

(Hitachi Global Life Solutions, Inc.)

[04]Gentle shape that blends smoothly into daily life like a tool[04]Gentle shape that blends smoothly into daily life like a tool

Measures the weight and temperature of food (including the container). The temperature change between the surface temperature before heating and the surface temperature specified for the respective menu option is checked.
The maximum microwave oven output of 1,000 W in auto cooking is a short-time output function, and the output automatically switches during operation. This only works for certain menu options in auto cooking.
This applies to the eight menu options in the crunchy vegetable menu.

5. Connected Appliances: EcoCute Heat Pump Water Heater

[05]BHP-FV37TD standard tank (high efficiency) with tap-water direct-pressure method[05]BHP-FV37TD standard tank (high efficiency) with tap-water direct-pressure method

The EcoCute is a household electric water heater with excellent energy-saving performance and is expected to become widely used to reduce CO2 emissions in the household sector. From this kind of circumstance, Hitachi has released the BHP-FV37TD, a standard tank (high efficiency) for tap-water direct-pressure method that achieves the industry’s No. 1*1 annual water heating and heat-retention efficiency Japanese Industrial Standards (JIS) of 4.2*2. This performance was achieved by improving the thermal insulation performance in the Uretank hot water storage unit, which uses Hitachi’s original urethane foam-filled structure, through the optimum placement of vacuum insulation materials and by using a newly developed scroll compressor and other measures. The other eight models in this series were also released in October 2021.

Hitachi will continue to develop new comfort features to meet the needs for cleanliness accelerated with COVID-19 and provide an enriching bathing environment for further expanding sales.

The main features of the BHP-FV37TD are as follows:

  1. Tap-water direct-pressure method for a powerful hot water supply in the bathroom, kitchen, and other locations at the same time
  2. UV Clean System (new feature) for cleaning the circulating bath water with deep ultraviolet rays
  3. Fine Bubble Bath (new feature) for producing fine and smooth bubbles that envelop the skin
  4. Comfortable remote control Hitachi EcoCute app (new feature)

(Hitachi Global Life Solutions, Inc.)

As of August 31, 2021. For hot water storage capacities between 320 L and 460 L for general regions.
The annual water heating and heat retention efficiency (JIS) is a value calculated based on JIS C9220. This varies by the region, operation mode setting, and usage conditions.
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