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Tampering prevention and audit accountability to facilitate IT compliance

When a database is used to manage important enterprise information such as customer information and financial data, the database needs to be operated appropriately and safely for internal control. To Important enterprise data protect must be protected to prevent the leakage of confidential data and tampering of databases from malicious outsider users. Information system administrators must be able to prove that no illegal accesses have occurred. The administrator must also be able to track and investigate any illegal accesses if detected. HiRDB supports tampering prevention functionality and audit accountability functionality to prevent such problems.

ISO/IEC 15408 is an international standard for objectively evaluating security functionalities implemented in IT products. HiRDB, which has obtained this certification, allows you to use a database system that provides superior security.

Tampering prevention functionality

The tampering prevention functionality enables you to prohibit all users, including the database manager and table owners, from deleting or updating data in specified tables to protect the data from being tampered. This functionality enables you to only permit the addition of data in the specified tables to protect important data from human errors or unauthorized modifications. This function is effective for managing important data such as electronic application forms and electronic medical charts.

Audit accountability functionality

The audit accountability functionality records the authentication of HiRDB connections and the history of accesses to a specific database resource as an audit log.
For example, malicious data manipulation by impersonators, such as the downloading of confidential data at night or the tampering of business transaction data, can be easily detected and tracked. This prevents malicious access to important data and enhances the system security.