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Small control tower in eco-friendly city

Recently, there has been a pursuit of new value focused on efficient energy use, actively striving to reduce carbon emission and save energy in entire cities in order to efficiently use energy and construct environment-friendly cities. Energy & Equipment Management Service integrates respective buildings and energy sources such as natural energy, power generators, heat-sources and storage batteries in new city blocks constructed in redevelopment projects of urban districts and development projects of industrial complexes to collectively control energy demand and supply in these areas, and construct a comprehensive energy infrastructure that enables residents to produce and consume energy locally and use it effectively. Our Service also has a function to share the minimum level of energy in the entire city block in the case of an emergency, thus creating urban areas that are resilient to disasters.

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I want to adjust systems operation to reduce energy costs.


Applying energy cost reduction targets to the operating plan for multiple facilities and equipment is not an easy task.

I want to reduce CO2 emissions from equipment operation.


Applying CO2 reduction targets to the operating plans for multiple facilities and equipment is not an easy task.

I want to exchange surplus electricity with a neighboring building.


Although power consumption peak times are different for several nearby facilities, we wish to shift peak times among them to increase consumption efficiency.

I want to achieve my energy target without fail.


Despite having a plan with clear targets in place, our performance for some reason deviates from that plan.

I want to introduce renewable energy.


We wish to introduce and effectively use a solar power generation system to save energy and reduce CO2 emissions.

I want to interact with various systems supplied by other makers.


When we try to coordinate between several power consumers, we find that the corresponding systems are different.

I want to control energy demand.


We would like to adopt a framework to control demand as a means to balance energy demand.

I want to share electricity across a block of buildings during a power outage.


We wish to supply electricity from a facility with a power source to a nearby facility without power source.

I want to efficiently coordinate with on-site managers at various facilities or departments.


We do not know which instructions to issue to on-site managers for various facilities or departments.

I want to manage various infrastructure costs together.


Electricity, gas, and water services are managed separately, making it difficult to arrive at an overall picture of the data and formulate plans.

I want to minimize the work involved in reporting energy-saving performance.


Compiling reports for the government or municipalities is a time-consuming task.

I want to reflect operation performance data in managerial decisions.


We would like to discuss system operation costs at our management meeting, but cannot extract cost data from the large amount of available data.

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