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Together we can surely reduce energy consumption further

Recently, the public is very conscious of energy saving, and so it is necessary to use energy more effectively in office buildings. Energy & Equipment Management Service precisely predicts energy demand in buildings, monitors and controls air conditioners, lighting and other electrical equipment, and provides a safe, pleasant and eco-friendly office environment. In addition, our Service in addition, our Service makes energy consumption visible and supports energy-saving activities of workers in buildings. Using the cloud service, our Service can collectively control energy consumption in multiple buildings in remote areas to efficiently control energy consumption and reduce operation cost.

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I want to reduce my electricity bill.


We do not use much electricity, but our bill is high. We think we mostly use electricity during peak times. Is there an effective solution to lower our bill?

I want to reduce my electricity bill by using a peak-shifting strategy.


We wish to shift the peak time of our electricity consumption, but manually altering the peak time of our operating equipment is a difficult task.

I want to adjust systems operation to reduce energy costs.


Applying energy cost reduction targets to the operating plan for multiple facilities and equipment is not an easy task.

I want to reduce CO2 emissions from equipment operation.


Applying CO2 reduction targets to the operating plans for multiple facilities and equipment is not an easy task.

I want to achieve my energy target without fail.


Despite having a plan with clear targets in place, our performance for some reason deviates from that plan.

I want to conduct centralized management for various facilities.


We have many facilities to manage, with each facility requiring different management methods and systems depending on the type of equipment and timing of establishment.

I want to use our own power-supply equipment during a power outage.


We do not have the technical expertise to operate our own power supply equipment and supply power to our systems.

I want to ensure the safety of employees and visitors during power outages.


We are concerned that certain systems and equipment that are essential to people's safety may stop functioning during power outages.

I want visitors to also participate in energy-saving activities.


We wish to enhance the value of our building by raising awareness about its eco-friendly systems, and thus have visitors participate in energy-saving activities.

I want to use an energy management system without making changes to my current staff.


We would like to introduce an energy management system, but are unable to take on new personnel.

I want to efficiently coordinate with on-site managers at various facilities or departments.


We do not know which instructions to issue to on-site managers for various facilities or departments.

I want to manage various infrastructure costs together.


Electricity, gas, and water services are managed separately, making it difficult to arrive at an overall picture of the data and formulate plans.

I want to minimize the work involved in reporting energy-saving performance.


Compiling reports for the government or municipalities is a time-consuming task.

I want to reflect operation performance data in managerial decisions.


We would like to discuss system operation costs at our management meeting, but cannot extract cost data from the large amount of available data.

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