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Promoting task accuracy

With a procedure established in SOP, you can collect online data automatically and repeat manual work for confirmation. The control of work records prevents omissions in manufacturing records and transcription errors.

Promoting online and paperless operations

The system realizes a continuous flow including the preparation, approval and issuance of manufacturing instructions by online operation from terminals. Manufacturing instructions and records prepared can be digitized to make the workplace paperless.

Coping smoothly with changes in work

End-users can register SOPs and define forms to cope smoothly with changes in operation styles due to the production of new pharmaceuticals and other reasons.

Providing an optimal system according to the scale

We provide a wide range of systems ranging from standalone systems to integrated control systems linked with key systems. In response to diverse implementation needs, we are ready to provide an optimal system that matches the scale of the site.

Coping flexibly with changes in the system environment

A client terminal can run several versions of Windows ®, thus making it possible to cope flexibly with terminal add-ons, server replacement, and similar changes.

MES : Manufacturing Execution System
GMP : Good Manufacturing Practice
SOP : Standard Operation Procedure