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New G-Series Air Compressors Achieve Higher Energy Efficiency and Efficient Operation

Hitachi Industrial Equipment Systems Co., Ltd.

Hitachi Industrial Equipment Systems began selling its new G-Series air compressors (oil flooded, 22 kw/37 kW) in December 2019. These air compressors achieve improved energy efficiency and discharge air volumes that are among the highest in the industry.

The G-Series is equipped with a newly developed air end,*1 and an original impinging jet injection system*2 (patent pending) has also been adopted in the air end rotor oil supply. The discharge air volume is increased up to 9% compared with previous models, achieving the highest volume in the industry.*3 At the same time, integral construction with a highly efficient, dedicated permanent magnet motor improves energy efficiency up to 6% per year compared with previous models, and contributes to reducing CO2 emissions.

Moreover, the FitLive*4 cloud-based monitoring service has been standardized from previous models and new monitoring functions have been added, including a function to judge clogging of the suction filter, by increasing the number of sensors that detect the operation status and the number of items that are monitored. With the FitLive service, operation status can be monitored in real time 24-hours a day through personal computers or smartphones. In addition, malfunctions can be prevented and the causes of malfunctions can be discovered early using the data gathered in the cloud, thus contributing to efficient operation control and stabilized maintenance and control.

Another new function for cases when multiple G-Series machines are used, such as in plant line expansion, is the ability to control operation of up to six connected units via serial communication, rather than with a special multiple-unit control panel. In places where temperatures become high in summer or at other times, the air volume is automatically reduced with its heat safety mode function,*5 thus enabling efficient supply of compressed air for uninterrupted operation in various production sites, even in ambient temperatures up to 50°C.

A compression mechanism of the air compressor.
An oil supply system in which oil discharged from the two discharge holes is made to collide with each other, and the cooling and sealing ability in the compression chamber is raised by expanding the scatter range.
Compared with the company's previous models (NEXT Series).
A cloud monitoring system provided by Hitachi Industrial Equipment Systems.
In some cases stoppage may occur depending on usage conditions.
New G-Series air compressor (oil-flooded 37 kW).
New G-Series air compressor (oil-flooded 37 kW).