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Better comes from transformation

It takes both partnership and innovation to drive transformation. Whether it’s transformation of our own business or accelerating a sustainable future for all, we are delivering real impact and value to society.

Value creation for people and planet

As a global technology leader with over 320,000 employees, Hitachi is helping to answer key societal challenges.

In collaboration with our customers and partners, we are growing our business to deliver value for people and the planet.

Impact is realized with customers and partners through our three main business areas: Green Energy & Mobility, Digital Systems & Services and Connective Industries. This is complemented by Lumada, Hitachi’s advanced digital solutions platform.

Creating real impact for planet and people, we are now a company focused on sustainable growth

Materiality – the sustainability topics that matter most to us

Hitachi has identified six material topics and 15 sub-material topics that matter most in terms of their impact on the business and our impact on wider society.

The topics identified were the outcome of a comprehensive materiality assessment process. These issues help inform our focus on areas for action and impact. Both in how we transform our own business and with wider positive contribution we make to society.

Comprehensive performance targets have been defined for each topic and are associated with relevant UN Sustainable Development Goals. Oversight for progress against these targets sits with Hitachi’s leadership, in the form of our Senior Executive Committee and Board of Directors.

Collaboration and partnerships

Partnership and co-creation are essential for sustainable development. This is how we look to understand and help solve problems.

This principle underpins our participation in initiatives and collaborative work with partners in addressing environmental and social issues on a global scale.

Sustainability ratings and indicies

Hitachi is highly rated across a range of corporate sustainability benchmarks and leading ESG indices.

This reflects our commitment to transparency and our focus on delivering on our commitments.

Acting across our value chain

Only by working with our partners, from suppliers to customers, can we increase our shared impact. This is why we look at the bigger picture.

Through collaboration with partners, we are creating the infrastructure and services needed to ensure a transition to net zero:

Our commitment to become a carbon neutral business by 2050 includes all emissions created across our full value chain (including indirect scope 3 emissions).

We map and act on water risks across our regions and at each stage of our supply chain.

We pursue a sustainable approach to procurement by identifying and mitigating risks associated with the globalization of our business. Covering over 30,000 procurement partners across over 60 countries, this work involves selective benchmarking, support for partners to improve and taking corrective action where required.

We work to build capacity and understanding on sustainability topics from human rights to greenhouse gas emissions with our procurement partners. This includes procurement seminars for over 500 partners, internal training across Hitachi and encouraging procurement with local firms.

These are just a few examples of how we are monitoring, reporting and driving change for both environmental and social impacts across our entire value chain.

In 2023 our work in this area saw Hitachi receive the highest rating for ‘supplier engagement’ by CDP, recognizing our efforts to contribute to realizing net zero societies, including the reduction of CO2 emissions throughout the supply chain.

Continuing our journey

A sustainable future for all requires innovation at speed and collaboration, bringing together diverse perspectives from our colleagues, our various businesses and crucially from our customers, universities and other partners.

Recognizing we can never stand still, Hitachi is continuing to build further on areas of need and opportunity in our approach to sustainability:

Working within planetary boundaries

We are quantifying and looking to minimize the gap between positive and negative nature-related impacts across our business by 2050. This includes exploring products and services that contribute to ecosystem preservation, and finding new ways to preserve biodiversity and ecosystems.

Increasing resource efficiency

We are focused on creating higher economic value using fewer resources while pursuing production activities with a lower environmental burden. This includes looking beyond our existing target to reduce water use across Hitachi Group by 50% by 2050 (compared with a 2010 baseline).

Putting DEI at the heart of our global culture

We understand that diversity is a source of strength, both for our business and the people within it. We work to ensure every one of our 320,000 employees feel valued and included.

The sustainability agenda, expectations of stakeholders and the role we can play continue to evolve, so there will always be more to do.