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Striving to Increase Corporate Value

Not only is Hitachi strengthening its corporate governance in areas like the role and composition of the Board of Directors and standards for determining the suitability and independence of its independent directors, it is also taking self-directed action to enhance corporate value by sharing its Codes of Conduct and values across the Group, ensuring compliance with laws and regulations, and advancing risk management. In this way, we contribute both to the company's own sustainable growth and the development of the economy as a whole.

Corporate Governance

Hitachi not only strives to ensure the legality, soundness, and transparency of its business but also endeavors to respond rapidly to constantly changing economic and social conditions and efficiently conduct operations. We seek to increase corporate value by formulating and executing business strategies to enable the Group to demonstrate its collective strength, bolstering mutual collaboration within the Group, and improving management oversight of Group companies. We maintain and reinforce a management structure enabling us to fulfill our social responsibilities in line with the Corporate Governance Guidelines, formulated to provide a framework for corporate governance and direction for our reinforcement efforts.

  • Our Impact on Society

    No. of consolidated subsidiaries

    Japan: 181

    Outside Japan: 622

  • Our Performance

    Share of non-Japanese directors



With the globalization of the economy, borderless corporative activities—spanning countries and regions with different governmental and economic frameworks, trade practices, and sets of values—are increasingly vital. Spreading understanding of and respect for norms among all Hitachi Group employees is a fundamental management issue as we seek to rigorously implement fair business practices and avoid risks around the globe. Hitachi has formulated in-house regulations in line with widely accepted international standards to govern important business practices such as bribery prevention and the ensuring of fair competition, and these regulations are conveyed and strictly enforced across the Hitachi Group.

Additionally, as we pursue sustainable management, in order to realize value creation that contributes to the resolution of social issues, we disseminate and share both the Hitachi Group Identity, an integrated set of principles including our management vision and values, and the Hitachi Group Codes of Conduct, which spell out decision-making procedures and actions for all Hitachi Group executives and employees.

  • Our Impact on Society

    No. of employees (consolidated)

    Japan: 162,000

    Outside Japan: 133,000

  • Our Performance

    No. of participants of compliance e-learning for preventing bribery and corruption and violations of fair competition laws (8 languages)

    More than 150,000

Risk Management

Hitachi launched an Investment Strategy Committee in 2017 to ascertain and minimize risks and to strengthen the quantitative risk management of its investments. The Executive Sustainability Committee deliberates the social and environmental impact of our business activities to clarify any negative impact our business has on society and the environment and to identify countermeasures. We are reinforcing business continuity plans (BCPs) and further tightening our information security to ensure the stable supply of our products and services and to prevent threats to our networks that could severely disrupt business operations.

  • Our Impact on Society

    No. of employees (Hitachi, Ltd.)


  • Our Performance

    Recipients of e-learning programs on information security (Hitachi, Ltd.)

    Approx. 40,000

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