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Participation in the Carbon Footprint Communication Program

Services & Platforms Business Unit, Hitachi, Ltd.
Product Enterprise storage
(parentheses indicate name of previous model)
Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform
5500, 5100, 5500H (G1500), 5100H (G1500)
Rate of reduction in CO2 emission
(compared to previous model)
-42% to -45%

The carbon footprint of products (CFP) is the CO2 equivalent of the total amount of greenhouse gases (GHGs) emitted over the entire life cycle of a product or service—from procurement of materials through to disposal and recycling. Making the GHG emission amount visible in this way encourages efforts to reduce the amount of carbon emitted by products over their whole life cycle. Countries and regions around the world use the CFP approach.

Hitachi participates in the Carbon Footprint Communication Program of the Sustainable Management Promotion Organization (SuMPO) and is working to expand the number of Approved CFP Products.*1 The program calls for the calculation and disclosure of CO2 emissions throughout the life cycle of approved products. We go one step further, though, disclosing not only the CO2 emitted by our products but also the rate of reduction from previous models in an attempt to provide relevant data that is more specialized, transparent, and neutral in nature.

In fiscal 2019, the Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform 5000 Series (four models in the series) was newly verified and approved by the SuMPO CFP Program. Products approved in earlier years are introduced in our catalogs and on both in-house and external websites.

Approved CFP Product: A product that is tested according to the product category rules of the Carbon Footprint Communication Program, is verified as conforming to those rules, and for which an application is made for registration and public announcement.