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Promoting Measures for Carbon Neutrality
Increasing Use of Renewable Energy with Off-Balance-Sheet Solar Power Generation Systems for Self-Consumption

Hitachi Automotive Systems, Ltd., Hitachi High-Tech Manufacturing & Service Corporation

To achieve carbon neutrality by 2030, Hitachi is working to promote energy-saving activities, introduce renewable energy equipment into its facilities, and increase its use of renewable energy. In 2020, three business sites are forecast to achieve carbon neutrality. To push ahead with carbon neutrality by increasing the deployment of renewable energy equipment throughout the company, we introduced an off-balance-sheet solar power generation scheme for self-consumption in fiscal 2018. Under this scheme, solar power generation equipment is installed at facilities without becoming an asset of Hitachi itself, and electricity is paid for according to the amount generated.

Hitachi Automotive Systems introduced this scheme in fiscal 2019, and has since generated 770 kW at the Sawa Plant and 483 kW at the Gunma Plant. Hitachi High-Tech Manufacturing & Service began with the generation of 343 kW. The amount of power generated at these three business sites annually is forecast to grow to about 1,800 MWh in the future, for an estimated annual reduction in CO2 emissions of about 820 t-CO2.

Hitachi will accelerate the use of renewable energy under this scheme and others, with plans to increase the share of renewable energy to 2% of the total amount of electricity used by Hitachi in Japan by fiscal 2030.

Hitachi Automotive Systems Gunma Plant
Hitachi Automotive Systems Gunma Plant