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Reducing Water Use by Visualizing Groundwater Flow

Hitachi Global Life Solutions, Inc.

Hitachi Global Life Solutions Tochigi Office manufactures home refrigerators and energy-efficient EcoCute hot water systems. The Tochigi Office has been using groundwater in the production process and in toilets, but additional conservation efforts are being made to use water resources more efficiently.

Improvements made to date include visualizing underground plumbing systems and repairing leaks as soon as possible, regularly inspecting water conservation levels of cooling towers, and changing the cooling method of compressors from water cooling to air cooling. In addition, a power monitoring system was introduced that automatically measures the flow of groundwater and visualizes the amount of water used by each building. Employee awareness of water conservation has been raised by posting the amount of water used each month on the intranet. As a result of these efforts, the amount of groundwater used in fiscal 2019 was reduced by 235,451 cubic meters, or about 29%, compared with fiscal 2010. This reduction represents the amount of water used on average by around 2,900 people*1 in Japan.

Calculated using 224 liters as the average amount of water used per person each day.
Checking water usage on the power monitoring system.
Checking water usage on the power monitoring system.