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Recycling of Waste Sand

Hitachi Metals, Ltd.

Hitachi Metals Moka Works produces casting products primarily for automotive components, rolling stock, and construction machinery. Large amounts of waste sand are generated in the process of manufacturing casting products, but the Moka Works has installed a waste sand recycling system to eliminate resin content, iron powder, dust, and other materials from excess sand and sand from broken cores.*1 This is then reused for casting core formation. The plant has reduced the amount of new sand purchased and waste sand generated by using a mixture of 40% new sand and 60% recycled sand.

In fiscal 2019, the amount of new sand was reduced by about 8,000 tons, while the amount of waste sand generated decreased by about 4,000 tons. This lowered costs by about ¥70 million. The aim is to raise the ratio of recycled sand used in casting cores to 70% and further reduce waste by improving sand preparation equipment.

Core: Sand mold placed inside a casting mold to create cavities in a casting.
Flow Chart for Sand Recycling System
Flow Chart for Sand Recycling System