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Araihama Reforestation Project

Hitachi Industrial Equipment Systems Co., Ltd.

The Nakajo business office of Hitachi Industrial Equipment Systems is located in a lush natural environment surrounded by a pine forest. The forest helps conserve the environment in a number of ways; it protects biodiversity by providing a habitat for wild animals like raccoon dogs and birds and absorbs carbon dioxide.

In recent years, the pinewood nematode has caused serious damage to the forest around the office. To preserve the forest for future generations, the Nakajo business office has concluded a partnership agreement with Niigata Prefecture to plant trees in the areas damaged by the pinewood nematode over a three-year period.

Activities in the Araihama district of the city of Tainai, where the Nakajo business office is located, have thus far led to the planting of nearly 3,000 Japanese red pine seedlings over an area of 6,000 m² by 330 employees and their families, area residents, and representatives of Niigata Prefecture, the city of Tainai, and the local forestry association.

The three-year reforestation project is enabling employees to learn more about the environment through contact with nature and to interact closely with local residents.

Participants in the Araihama reforestation project.
Participants in the Araihama reforestation project.