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New High-Capacity 2,000 kVA UPS for Large-Scale Data Centers Saves Both Energy and Space

Hitachi Industrial Products, Ltd.

In December 2020, Hitachi Industrial Products Ltd. introduced the high-capacity UNIPARA-UP2001i series UPS*1 for use in large-scale data centers, which play a crucial role in the infrastructure that supports today’s digital world.

Hitachi Industrial Products Ltd. offers various UPS products with a wide range of capacities to satisfy its diverse customers’ needs. The company’s UNIPARA series of high-capacity models boasts a highly reliable design that supports redundant system configurations.

Accompanying the ongoing advance of digital technologies such as AI and IoT, in recent years remote work, e-commerce, and other such services have been on the rise. This has increased demand for the data centers where cloud computing takes place. Applications in the IoT field using the new 5G wireless communication standard are expected to continue growing, and market expansion in the data center business is projected to accelerate at an even faster pace. At the same time, in addition to server and communication devices, the hardware-based data center industry consumes a massive amount of electricity to operate cooling equipment. Managing power consumption is seen as a mission-critical issue when it comes to addressing the threat of climate change.

Seeking to satisfy the diversifying needs of the "new normal" while also providing solutions that help reduce power consumption, Hitachi Industrial Products Ltd. has introduced the new UNIPARA-UP2001i series designed for large-scale data centers, manufacturing facilities, public facilities, and a wide range of other sectors. The series includes high-capacity UPS models ranging from 1,000 to 2,000 kVA. It delivers energy and space-saving benefits while also offering a central control method for managing the high-capacity units.

The UNIPARA-UP2001i series offers improved energy-savings, with a maximum energy efficiency of 97%,*2 thanks to its use of three-level inverter method suited for high-efficiency performance, as well as a high-capacity IGBT.*3 It maintains efficiency of 95% or higher at a load factor of 25% or greater, making it possible to save energy across a wide range of load factors.

In addition, the single-unit 2,000 kVA UPS has an installation footprint with a width of only 5,900 mm which, even including the maintenance bypass circuit, is smallest-in-class in the industry. The smaller footprint reduces the space required to install this UPS by approximately 40%*4 compared to the previous parallel system consisting of four 500 kVA UPS units, thereby promoting the effective utilization of server space in data centers.

The series also supports network-based collection of UPS data and operational management. Hitachi’s remote monitoring and support center offers 24-hour remote monitoring services, and the customer can also verify operating status on their own or send inquiries using the dedicated portal site.

Hitachi Industrial Products Ltd. continues to meet customer needs with UPS products offering a variety of different capacities. By providing the UNIPARA series, with its highly reliably design that supports redundant system configurations using high-capacity models, the company is contributing to reductions in the CO2 emissions from electricity generation by saving energy even as data utilization continues to grow.

UPS: Uninterruptible power system. By continuously storing power in batteries or capacitors, these power supply devices can keep providing power even when a commercial power supply is cut due to an outage or other issue, thereby preventing facilities or equipment from malfunctioning and avoiding operational pauses.
Maximum efficiency: A measurement value taken at 75% output with a power factor of 1.0. Electrical tolerance of this efficiency is measured according to JEC-2410.
IGBT: A type of power semiconductor called an "insulated-gate bipolar transistor" that offers the ability to switch large amounts of power at a high speed.
When compared to a four-unit parallel configuration using the existing HIVERTER-UP201i 500 kVA product.
UNIPARA-UP2001i series (2,000 kVA)
UNIPARA-UP2001i series (2,000 kVA)