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Procedural Changes Made to Reduce VOC Emissions

Hitachi Elevator (China) Co., Ltd. and Its Group Companies

Hitachi Elevator (China) and its group companies, which manufacture, market, install, and maintain elevators and escalators, are working to reduce their environmental burden by managing and reducing the use of chemical substances.

Double-sided tape had been used in the past to adhere reinforcement materials to elevator doors and walls, which required wiping these surfaces with cleaning agents containing VOCs.*1 Improving procedures by replacing double-sided tape with a single-component adhesive has eliminated the need for cleaning agents, resulting in an approximately 2.6-ton reduction in VOC emissions across the group in fiscal 2020.

The entire Hitachi Elevator (China) group will actively continue to seek ways to further reduce VOC emissions.

Volatile organic compounds (VOCs): A cause of air pollution (PM2.5 or other suspended particulate matter and photochemical oxidants)
Reinforcement Adhesion Procedures Changed
Reinforcement Adhesion Procedures Changed