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November 15, 2006

Booth at Eco-Products International Fair

Eco-products International Fair 2006 will be staged at Suntec Singapore October 31, - November 2, 2006.

[Image]Eco-Products International Fair 2004

The event is organized by the Asian Productivity Organization (APO), SPRING Singapore, and Waste Management and Recycling Association of Singapore (WMRAS). Hitachi Group also exhibited. Eco-products International Fair held so that an easy product and service may spread to the environment in Asian nations is the third in this time. The 1st was done in Malaysia in September, 2004 and the 2nd was done in Thailand in October, 2005.

[Image]Eco-Products International Fair 2006

Eighty (80) exhibitors from Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Australia, Sweden and other countries displayed their eco-friendly products and services at the Eco-products International Fair 2006 in an attempt to accelerate the expansion of green markets in the region. The fair attracted about 35,000 visitors in three days. Moreover, an international conference etc. which viewed the future of the technology and service by which spread promotion of the eco-products was examined related to the expert conference and the environment were held, and an active discussion was exchanged during the session.At an international conference, Kanai of the Chairman Emeritus of our company did the keynote address by the title "Pioneering Sustainability". He introduced the global warming problem, and an early environmental technology and approach of Japan and Hitachi.

Under the theme of "Next Eco-Together with Hitachi," we exhibit 19 products and services such as plasma TV, the monorail, the finger vein authentication systems, the washing machine, the ESCO business, and the hybrid cable and hard disk drives were exhibited as a product of environmental consideration which installed three corners "Home & office", "Industry", and "Social infrastructure" with "NEXT ECO TOGETHER WITH HITACHI" as the theme. Those who came described the declaration concerning the environment, and plan pasted to the board and "Let's create Eco-tree" were executed. A lot of customers wrote the message.