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Construction Machinery

Construction machinery is essential for the construction of social infrastructure. Hitachi's products meet global needs through the reduction of fuel consumption and compliance with exhaust emission regulations.

Contributing to solving environmental issues

Improving the fuel consumption of construction machinery

Recently, the construction of the social infrastructure including railways, water and sewage systems and power plants has developed in emerging countries around the world. Hydraulic excavators are essential in those work-sites. Future global demand for hydraulic excavators is expected to grow, and our products will greatly contribute to the reduction of CO2 emissions with their low fuel consumption.

Key Environmental Technologies

Hitachi meets global needs by providing hydraulic excavators and wheel loaders designed to reduce fuel consumption, as well as services using ICT*2 that improve productivity and ensure safety.

Hybrid hydraulic excavators

The hybrid excavators have a system that stores energy produced during swing deceleration as electric energy in the capacitor. By using this stored energy to operate the electric swing motor that assists the swing, the system improves fuel consumption by around 15%*3 compared with previous models.

Hybrid hydraulic excavators

Reduction of exhaust emissions

Hitachi's construction machinery such as the ZX350-6 is compliant with global non-road mobile machinery exhaust emission regulations, including requirements in Japan, Europe and North America. Features include an improved engine that reduces PM*4, as well as a system that sprays urea solution into exhaust gas to form ammonia, which then reacts with the NOx (nitrogen oxide) to break it down into nitrogen and water.

Reuse and recycling of used and failed parts

Hitachi operates the business of recycling construction machinery parts in 11 countries worldwide. We refurbish parts that were replaced during machinery repairs until they are as good as new and provide them as recycled parts with a quality warranty, thus promoting the effective use of resources.

Information and Communication Technology
Comparison of ZH200-5B and previous model ZX200-5B
Particulate Matter