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High energy saving performance has been realized due to our strength in manufacturing and digital technologies accumulated so far.

Contributing to solving environmental issues

Contributing to the reduction of energy consumption in the household sector

In the home sector, it is important to select home appliances that are energy efficient. In particular, because the power consumption of a refrigerator that keeps working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week among household appliances is large, saving energy in a refrigerator can be expected to have a great effect on reducing the energy consumption of homes.

Refrigerators14.2% Top
  • Source: Calculation by the Institute of Energy Economics, Japan based on the Survey on Energy Consumption in the Consumer Sector in 2009 and the Supplemental Survey on the Use of Equipment by Agency for Natural Resources and Energy.

Key Environmental Technologies

Hitachi develops high value-added refrigerators with proprietary features designed to suit conditions of use of each country and region and to meet customer needs, in addition to basic features such as energy-saving performance and low noise operation.

Frost Recycling Cooling

The chilled air generated by frost on the evaporator is used to cool the refrigerator and vegetable compartments during the compressor is not in operation. The increased frost temperature shortens the amount of time required to defrost, and reduces power consumption.

Frost Recycling Cooling

HFC-free urethane Insulation/HFC-free Refrigerant

Hard urethane insulation made using HFC-free insulation foaming gas (cyclopentane) as a foaming agent is used for insulating parts that are not vacuum insulated. The HFC-free refrigerant (R600a), which has less effects on global warming compared to HFC-alternative is used.

Multi Valve Control

The refrigerator reduces energy consumption through efficient cooling, using proprietary technology to switch between two kinds of refrigerant paths-one designed for cooling power and another for energy saving-depending on the operating conditions.

R-WX6700G Large capacity refrigerator, "Vacuum Chilled"