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Amorphous Core Transformers

Amorphous alloy enables reduction of the no-load losses and the loss resulting from power conversion.

Contributing to solving environmental issues

Contributing to CO2 emissions reduction by a high energy-saving effect

Transformers convert high-voltage electricity supplied from a power station into lower-voltage electricity for safe use. They operate every day of our lives and are used extensively. Transformers are in heavy use for many hours over long periods of time, thus the reduction of the loss resulting from power conversion per transformer will have a large energy-saving effect.

Key Environmental Technologies

Hitachi has reduced no-load losses (standby electricity) using a transformer that employs amorphous alloy. Energy savings have been achieved in public facilities and tall buildings where electricity usage fluctuates and in photovoltaic systems with a low actual operation rate, as well as in factories and buildings.

Using amorphous alloy in iron core

No-load losses (standby electricity) have been reduced to about one-fifth by using amorphous alloy with superior electrical characteristics for the iron core where electricity-conducting windings are coiled.

Using amorphous alloy in iron core

Recycling amorphous alloy

A recycling system is established so that amorphous iron cores of used transformers collected from customers can be recycled to amorphous alloy and used as recycling material*1.

Cooperation with a recycling company, distribution agent, and amorphous alloy manufacturer