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Image: Tsuchiura works, Machinery System Division, Industrial Products Business Unit, Hitachi, Ltd.

Energy saving, and resources-saving with inventive idea.

The Tsuchiura works is located in Tsuchiura-shi, Ibaraki. The Tsuchiura works manufactures industrial equipment and the devices such as pumps, pressure fans, compressors, physical distribution system and examination devices. Since the factory establishment in 1974, we maintain the environmental management system. The Tsuchiura works acquires the certification of ISO14001. We have been improving environment continuously by using environmental management system based on the standard.

For example, we replaced compressors for the factory air to high efficiency screw compressors, installed a number panel, and aimed approximately 20% of energy saving. In addition, by developing waste-recycling supplier, and separating waste in the factory, we achieved annual waste recycling rate more than 99% and annual last landfill rate less than 1% in FY 2005, and it's been continuing. Another example, we have been working on reduction of the chemical substance emission to the atmosphere, reduction of the water consumption, and the design and development of the environmental conformity products.

In future, We also aim to promote environmental conservation activity to achieve "Hitachi environmental innovation 2050" by promoting LED lighting and the use of renewable energy such as the solar energy and the introduction plan of next-generation energy-saving facilities.

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Image: Energy efficiency

Energy efficiency
Reduced energy use per unit by 30% or more compared to FY 2005

Image: Recycling of waste and other resources

Recycling of waste and other resources
Achieved a final disposal rate of less than 0.1% through thorough waste sorting, and 100% registration rate in electronic manifests in Japan