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Image: Energy saving benefits unique to LEDs.

Introduced approximately 4,000 LED lights in the new design building. Dimmer controls use a variety of sensors to conserve energy.

Hitachi Defense Systems Co., Ltd. is an in-house company that contributes towards making our global society safer and more secure, through "defense" and "crisis management" technologies. The design building of the Yokohama Division has been certified as an Eco-Office, and integrates the management department and the design department to strengthen manufacturing. Each department achieved strengthened cooperation and operational efficiency as the new system development site. LED lighting was adopted in the offices and conference rooms of the design building. A dimmer control system equipped with a brightness sensor and motion detector automatically controls brightness in the rooms, hallway, bathrooms and kitchens, depending on the use of daylight and presence of people. In addition, the building boasts an energy-saving air conditioning system, using a "Double Skin Curtain Wall" that allows ventilation using renewable energy, "Low-Emission Glass" that reduces emission-based heat transfer for insulation, and "Louver Shading" to block direct sunlight.

3,400 straight tube and 660 downlight LEDs were adopted to conserve a significant amount of energy!

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Image: Highly efficient lighting

Highly efficient lighting
Adopted approximately 4,000 LED lights in the offices, conference rooms, and reception rooms (FY 2015)