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Image: Aiming  to become a prominent "environment-oriented company" in China.

Pursuing environmentally conscious practices for a better future.

Hitachi Elevator (China) Co., Ltd.'s Guangzhou Factory is the largest elevator production base in the Hitachi Group outside Japan. Aiming to become an "environment-oriented company", it has held ISO 14001* certification since 2000 and is pursuing the reduction of environmental burdens. For example, the factory expanded its wastewater recycling system to recycle wastewater generated during the whole production process. The system uses microbes to decompose organic matter in wastewater. It also removes floating substances and odor with advanced technology and improves quality of treated water. The factory reduced water use by 30,000 tonnes/year compared to the year before expanding the system.The factory also reduced CO2 emissions through the introduction of energy-saving lighting, the adoption of inverter compressors, and layourt optimization of the compressors. In addition, every employee is always conscious of environmental conservation and actively promoting environmental activities, such as the collection of waste batteries.

Factory wastewater is recycled through treatment for reuse in laboratory/road cleaning.

ISO 14001: International standard for environmental management systems developed by the International Organization for Standardization

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Image: Highly efficient lighting

Highly efficient lighting

Image: Efficient water recycling

Efficient water recycling
Implemented a scheme for reusing or recycling all water used in all production processes (FY 2015)

Product Information

Image: High Speed Elevator

High Speed Elevator
This technology takes full advantage of Hitachi's experience and expertise in elevator development. The elevator incorporates cutting-edge innovations, such as an energy regeneration system, a permanent magnet synchronous motor, and a gearless winch.

Image: Passenger Elevator

Passenger Elevator
This elevator provides a comfortable ride by using an energy regeneration system, a permanent magnet synchronous motor, and LED lighting.

Image: Observation Elevator

Observation Elevator
This elevator contributes to creating an open atmosphere in buildings, such as malls, resort facilities, hotels, and office buildings.

Image: Large-Capacity Bed Elevator

Large-Capacity Bed Elevator
This large-capacity elevator can transport patients in beds at medical institutions.