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Image: Enhancing productivity with active energy savings!

Various energy saving measures have reduced the energy per unit production by over half.

Hitachi Computer Products (America), Inc. is located in Norman, Oklahoma, and produces mass storage systems used in business operation systems. It is committed to improving energy efficiency and has implemented various energy saving measures, such as introducing high-efficiency air conditioning equipment, inverter fluorescent lamps, and LED lighting. The company has also been striving to enhance productivity with active energy savings, including the construction of a logistics warehouse in 2010 that uses heat insulating coating, natural light, and motion sensor lighting. The product testing department has adopted a special tester and temperature cycle test chamber for test time reduction; the IT department has installed Hitachi's energy-efficient blade server. By improving productivity while reducing overall energy consumption, the energy per unit production in FY 2015 has decreased by 33% compared to FY 2005. As a unique social contribution, the company also supports environmental education for children, e.g., creating an outdoor environmental classroom at a local elementary school.

At the local Kennedy Elementary School, an outdoor environmental classroom was created to deepen students' knowledge and understanding of the global environment.

Image: Students oining environment classroom
Students oining environment classroom

Image: Students planting in vegetable garden
Students planting in vegetable garden

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Image: Energy efficiency

Energy efficiency
Reduced energy use per unit by 30% or more compared to FY 2005 (FY 2015)

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Image: Side-by-side Refrigerator

Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform
This intelligent and powerful enterprise storage system delivers industry-leading performance with advanced disk array virtualization.

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Hitachi Unified Storage VM
By managing existing storage resources and consolidating all data into a single virtual platform, this product facilitates data management. Thus, it reduces operational costs and provides high data availability.