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Image: In high cost-performance LED

We make the most of our characteristics, pushing forward the promotion of LED lighting and energy saving by our hands and act as reduction of environment load by improvement of the effluent treatment facility and reduction of quantity of waste.

We started from production business of the substation facility and we have produced the products which we applied supervisor control system, transformer substation protectors, security and power supply, network, mechatronics and electronics technologies by rich ideaw and enlarged business.

In us, we authorized a person of LED construction in the company and remodeled 370 of fluorescent lamp of the design office which we used conventionally into the LED light in ourself. In addition, we improved the air conditioner efficiency with the mist to an air conditioning outdoor unit(partly) and we reduceded peak electricity by 9% in FY2016(VS FY2015)

We will promote LED lighting throughout the factory from the next fiscal year and try for energy saving further.

In addition, investigating each waste water density continuously and improve it so that, water quality shall be standardised regardless of waste water condition and will work on the reduction of environment load such as significant quantity reduction of waste.

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Image: Highly efficient lighting

Highly efficient lighting
Adopted approximately 4,000 LED lights in the offices, conference rooms, and reception rooms