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Image: Factory/Office Appearance

Energy-saving maintenance centre which supports railways

Factory/Office Outline

Hitachi Rail Europe Ashford Depot located in the southeast of the UK is the first rail vehicle maintenance center built in Europe by Japanese rail vehicle manufacturer, and trains such as Class 395 are maintained in this depot. The depot is responsible for all maintenance, including cleaning, inspecting, and repairing the trains, to ensure safe travel for the Class 395 on rails for high-speed trains and for general trains connecting London and the Channel Tunnel.

Environmentally Conscious Activities
  1. Switched lighting in the depot's central maintenance area to highly efficient LED lighting as part of an energy management plan.
  2. Striving to reduce energy consumption by introducing highly efficient processing equipment, lifting devices, and so on.
  3. These activities have helped reduce electricity consumption by 60%.
Other Activities

Took the surrounding natural environment into consideration and planted greenery such as poplar trees during depot construction. A green zone has been defined to maintain an environment for the small animals in the area to live in.

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Image: Highly efficient lighting

Highly efficient lighting
Switched lighting in the maintenance areas to LED lighting (FY 2015)


Image: Side-by-side Refrigerator

Hitachi with the capabilities to handle all aspect of railway systems integration manufactures the rolling stock and supplies maintenance services for the Intercity Express Programme in the UK.

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