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Image: Environmentally conscious office that realizes the fusion of knowledge.

Environmentally conscious office that inspires innovative ideas.

Design Building, Hitachi High-Technologies Corporation, completed in 2011, is an eco office featuring active environmentally conscious measures, such as the introduction of energy-saving equipment, the development of rooftop greenery, and the installation of photovoltaic panels. A photovoltaic power generation system has been installed with the panels mounted on the sunny rooftop of the seven-story Design Building to increase power generation efficiency. The panel locations/angles and weather conditions have also been considered to maximize power generation efficiency. The Design Building incorporates various energy saving features, such as a "power generation/consumption visualization system" to monitor power generation by the panels and power consumption, a "dimming lighting system" that automatically adjusts the brightness of LED lighting according to the brightness of the sun, an "air conditioning system" that controls the air environment on the entire floor, and an "underfloor air conditioning system" to minimize indoor temperature gaps. The comfortable and environmentally conscious office environment inspires the development of next-generation products and communication among engineers, leading to the innovative "fusion of knowledge".

A total of 288 photovoltaic panels have been installed on the sunny rooftop.

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Image: Renewable energy use

Renewable energy introduction
Installed a 50 kW photovoltaic power generation system (FY 2015)

Product Information

Image: High-Resolution FEB CD-Measurement SEM (CD-SEM)

High-resolution FEB CD-Measurement SEM (CD-SEM)
This SEM (scanning electron microscope) is designed exclusively to measure dimensions on wafers, such as the line width of fine circuit patterns.

Image: Clinical Analyzer

Clinical Analyzer
Production and sales of these world class clinical analyzers contribute to the healthcare of people around the world.