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Energy conservation concerns essential to advanced research.

Factory/Office Outline

Hitachi Research Laboratory is the first laboratory established by Hitachi in 1934, in a prime location overlooking the Kanto plains and Pacific Ocean. The laboratory is involved in cutting edge research and development for an environmentally conscious, sustainable global society and a safe, comfortable life.

Environmentally Conscious Activities

To reduce CO2 emissions from research activities, a variety of energy saving activities has been implemented, such as aggregating utility facilities and updating equipment to high efficiency types, such as LED lighting and energy saving air conditioners, and energy consumption was successfully reduced by 37 % in FY 2015 compared to FY 2005.

Other Activities

Working on a variety of environmental and social contribution activities, including a study of wild birds living in the area surrounding the laboratory to conserve the ecosystem, and cleanups around the laboratory.

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Image: Energy savings

Energy savings
Reduced energy use per unit by 35% compared to FY 2005 (FY 2015)