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Image: Next-generation smart factory.

Improving energy efficiency in the factory by the use of photovoltaic power generation and storage batteries and the "visualization" of power consumption.

The Omika Works produces products for social infrastructure systems, such as electricity, traffic, steel making, water supply/sewerage, and industries. It has introduced the factory energy management system (FEMS) in each building. By controlling power consumption in the building, the system facilitates efficient use of energy. The factory has also installed a photovoltaic power generation system (rated output: 940 kW), storage batteries (capacity: 4,200 kWh), and about 900 power consumption sensors (smart meters) in the factory. In addition to management by building, power consumption by use (air conditioning, lighting, OA, equipment, etc.) is "visualized". Careful energy management has also been implemented for peak power reduction, for example, by forecasting photovoltaic power production and power demand and by planning storage battery charging/discharging. The factory has obtained the ISO 50001*1 certificate, and all employees have been committed to improving energy efficiency. The Omika Works is a smart environmentally conscious factory that strives to improve energy savings by utilizing advanced technologies.

Awarded for Energy Management Leadership by the Clean Energy Ministerial Energy Management Working Group in June 2016.

ISO 50001: International standard for energy management systems
Insight Award, Energy Management Leadership Awards: Encourage the transition to a global clean energy economy for helping to building awareness of ISO 50001 and contributing to global knowledge of energy management implementation under the Clean Energy Ministerial (CEM), which is a high-level global forum to promote policies and programs that advance clean energy technology.

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Image: Renewable energy use

Renewable energy use
Installed a 940 kW (rated output) photovoltaic power generation system (FY 2015)

Image: Recycling of waste and other resources

Recycling of waste and other resources
Achieved a final disposal rate of less than 0.1%, and 100% registration rate in electronic manifests in Japan (FY 2015)