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Corporate InformationEnvironmental Activities

Image: Factory/Office Appearance

Factory that Actualizes Environmental Concern.

Factory/Office Outline

Tadakiko celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2015. As a group company of Hitachi Construction Machinery, Tadakiko processes and assembles construction and mining machinery, as well as industrial equipment parts. The newly build head factory has operated as an environmentally conscious factory since April 2014.

Environmentally Conscious Activities
  1. All lighting in the administrative building and factory has been changed to LEDs. Skylights incorporate natural light into the building, and insulating material and insulating glass with high thermal efficiency have been adopted.
  2. An electrical heat pump air conditioner for the office and gas heat pump air conditioner for the factory have been introduced for optimal air-conditioning.
  3. Installation of super high efficiency transformers, inverter air compressors, sets control operation and a power monitoring system have reduced the electricity consumption rate by 12%*, in comparison to the old factory.
    *After factory move (June 2014-March 2015 compared to the previous year)
  4. Photovoltaic power panels with a generating capacity of 509kW have been installed on the factory roof.
Other Activities

Participating in Satoyama conservation activities hosted by the Chiba Satoyama Regulations Authorization Group, "Toyotomi Donguri no Mori", as part of the company's social contribution activities. The company also conducts "litter cleanup" around the factory and "cleaning of the grounds" in the factory once a month.

Eco-Factories & Offices Select Certification Item

Image: Highly efficient lighting

Highly efficient lighting
Adopted LED lighting in all areas of administrative and factory buildings (FY 2015)

Image: Recycling of waste and other resources

Recycling of waste and other resources
Achieved a final disposal rate of less than 0.1%, and 100% registration rate in electronic manifests in Japan (FY 2015)

Product Information

Image: Construction and Mining Equipment Parts

Construction and Mining Equipment Parts
We offer machine structure components for compact and large scale construction machinery as well as precision parts for hydraulic equipment.