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Climate Change Mitigation/Adaptation

For a low-carbon society
Through the value chain CO2 emissions FY 2050 80%reduction FY 2030 50%reduction

Efforts to Achieve a Low-Carbon Society

Hitachi has established a goal of reducing CO2 emissions throughout its value chain by 50% by fiscal 2030 and 80% by fiscal 2050 (compared to fiscal 2010 levels) to help achieve the drop in global anthropogenic GHG emissions deemed necessary in the IPCC's Fifth Assessment Report. Because a significant share of our value chain CO2 emissions comes from the use of our products and services by our customers, our efforts to reduce such emissions focus on enhancing the efficiency of our products, delivering supplies of low-carbon energy, and developing innovative technologies and solutions. We will also reduce emissions during production by enhancing the efficiency of our factories and offices, advancing energy-saving measures, and expanding our use of renewable energy.

Ratio of CO2 Emissions at Each Stage of Hitachi Value Chain

Responding to Climate Change Through Growth in "Low-Carbon Businesses"

As part of its efforts to address challenges posed by climate change, Hitachi is combining the strengths of its business units and Group companies through digital solutions built on the Lumada platform, and expanding its low-carbon businesses through co-creation with customers and partners.

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Reducing CO2 Emissions at Factories and Offices

Another way that we are reducing CO2 emissions is to promote thoroughgoing energy savings at our factories and offices. We are applying IoT technology to enhance production efficiency at our factories, installing smart meters to reduce energy use during production. We are advancing the effective utilization of renewable energy and further encourage the spread of renewable energy. developing self-consumption solar power generation schemes to advance the effective use of renewable energy and further encourage its adoption.
Through these activities, by fiscal 2030 we aim to reduce CO2 emissions at factories and offices by 40% to 50% from fiscal 2010 levels.

Low-Carbon Roadmap for Factories and Offices