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Climate Change Mitigation/Adaptation

For a decarbonized society
Through the value chain CO2 emissions FY 2050 80%reduction FY 2030 50%reduction

Efforts to Achieve a Decarbonized Society

To help build a decarbonized society, Hitachi has set the target and strive to achieve carbon neutrality throughout the value chain by fiscal 2050 as part of the long-term environ mental targets we call Hitachi Environmental Innovation 2050.

図:Environmental Strategy for Achieving a Decarbonized Societ

Expanding the Decarbonization Business

Hitachi provides value to customers and society, contributing to a decarbonized society through businesses that reduce CO2 emissions and collaborative creation with customers.
Hitachi operates under three business domains: Green Energy and Mobility, Digital Systems and Services, and Connective Industries. Among these domains, we are growing the following businesses, which contribute to decarbonization.

CO2 Emission Reductions at Business Sites (Factories and Offices) and Hitachi Carbon Neutrality 2030

In working toward realizing a decarbonized society, Hitachi has set the goal of realizing carbon neutrality by fiscal 2030 at all business sites (factories and offices) as part of its long-term environmental targets called Hitachi Environmental Innovation 2050.
Our roadmap to achieving this goal sets targets of reducing CO2 emissions by 50%, compared to the base year, by fiscal 2024 and 80% by fiscal 2027 toward realizing carbon neutrality by fiscal 2030.

  • Businesses that help to accelerate the energy shift aimed at realizing decarbonization, and that provide safe, comfortable, and clean mobility (Green Energy and Mobility)
  • Businesses that help to reduce CO2 emissions by using cutting-edge digital technologies to improve the efficiency of systems that underpin society (Digital Systems and Services)
  • Businesses that help to decarbonize industries and cities by creating a resilient supply chain (Connective Industries)
CO<sub>2</sub> reduction roadmap (as of Mar. 2022)