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Community Energy Management System

Stabilizing the distribution networks connected to a large amount of solar power


Stabilize distribution network by controlling the variation of distribution system voltage caused by the introduction of a large amount of solar power


  • High-voltage system controls voltage using LRT, SVR, SVC, PCS and storage battery in high-voltage system and cooperating with multiple low-voltage system.
  • Distribution voltage control system indicates power flow at connection point to low-voltage system.
  • Low-voltage system controls voltage to comply with the indicated power flow using storage battery, thermal storage device and PCS in low-voltage system.
  • Forecast demand and solar power generation to utilize it.



DSM:Demand Side Management
PCS:Power Conditioning System
LDC:Load Drop Compensator
SVC:Static Var Compensator
LRT:Load Ratio Control Transformer
SVR:Static Voltage Regulator