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Community Energy Management System

Hitachi supports minimum outage duration and stabilizes voltage with mass PV connection

Distribution automation


Primary function
Primary function
Automatic power restoration Voltage stabilization control Loss minimization calculation
Network state estimation Optimal feeder configuration determination  

Automatic power restoration

Power restoration for the affected area within just a few minutes after the power failure


Annual Interruption duration per user in Japan is the shortest in the world

Voltage stabilization control to support mass PV connection


  • Maintain proper system voltage by high-speed operation of voltage control equipment in response to the power variation of solar power plant
  • Determine optimal control of the devices based on the sensor information of the distribution system

DMS:Distribution Management System
EMS:Energy Management System
GIS:Geographic Information System
SVC:Static Var Compensator
SVR:Step Voltage Regulator
LRT:Load Ratio Control Transformer
LDC:Load Drop Compensator
FTU:Field Terminal Unit
RTU:Remote Terminal Unit
GPS:Global Positioning System
FEP:Front End Processor
FCB:Feeder Circuit Breaker