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Training for handling or operating Hitachi's information control system will be conducted by Hitachi Document Solutions Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the “Company”) that has been entrusted by Hitachi, Ltd. with the training. The applicant for the training is required to understand and accept the Company's policies for protecting personal information, and comply with the general terms and agreement forth below (hereinafter referred to as the “agreement”).

Application for and postponement/suspension of the training

  • The application agreement shall come into full force upon approval of a potential trainee's application by the Company.
  • The Company shall have the right to postpone or suspend the training by giving prior notice to the applicant not later than five (5) business days before its commencement.

Training fee and consumption tax imposed thereon

  • A training fee covers costs of teaching materials to be used for the training, and expenses of using appropriate equipment and machines therein, but does not include the trainee's carfare and lodging charges. Furthermore, the trainee shall bear such public charges imposed on taking the training as consumption tax.

Payment and refund of the training fee

  • The applicant shall pay the Company the training fee after receipt of an invoice sent by a specified crediting date. The applicant may not take the training if the Company cannot securely confirm that it has received the training fee.
  • The applicant shall bear a crediting commission.
  • The Company will refund the applicant a credited training fee if the training is suspended or canceled for any reason attributable to the Company.

Copyrights and other intellectual property rights

  • All the copyrights or intellectual property rights of documents, prints, software contents and other information the Company will provide or permit to be used for the training (hereinafter referred to collectively as the “Applicable Data Material”)are owned by or belong to the Company or third parties designated thereby. The applicant or the trainee must neither transcribe nor duplicate nor modify all or part of the Applicable Data Material or the like in any form, as well as shall neither disclose nor provide (for example, lend or license) nor assign the Applicable Data Material to any third parties without prior written consent by the Company.


  • The Company's liability and responsibility for damages shall be limited to the money amount paid by the applicant or the trainee as the training fee irrespective of default, an existing legal warranty deed, undue profit, illegal acts, or other causes or forms of proceedings.In no event, the Company will be liable and responsible for lost profit, damaged intangible assets, damage resulting from a claim for compensation filed by a third party with the applicant or the trainee, specific damage, and other damage.

Amendments of the Agreement

  • The Company may amend the Agreement if necessary, and the amendment shall become effective upon notice to the applicant or the trainee. In addition, the Company may amend this “Course Guide” without prior notice, unless otherwise defined herein.

Other terms

  • Should either party hereto infringe or violate any provisions of the Agreement, the other party may cancel or terminate an application for the training by giving written notice.
  • The Company neither warrants that the applicant will be able to master specific knowledge or technological information through taking the training, nor guarantees that the training will be suitable, helpful, optimum or otherwise useful for the applicant's own specific objectives. The Company asks the applicant to assume responsibility for determining whether the training can meet his/her requirements.
  • When exporting Hitachi's information control system, the applicant or the trainee must take appropriate measures pursuant to the Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade Control Act, and Export Administration Regulations and other overseas relevant export laws. For more information, he/she should contact the sales department of Hitachi, Ltd.