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BI is an abbreviation for "Business Intelligence." BI tools are tools that provide information necessary for making business decisions by integrating, analyzing and visualizing various types of operational data held by companies. BI tools perform such major functions as analyzing, dashboarding and reporting.

Conventionally, BI tools have been used by data analysis professionals, often for the purpose of making decisions at the top management level. In recent years, given a heightened demand for utilizing data in accordance with the "digitalization" of business operations and utilization of IoT (internet of things) and "big data," they are drawing attention as tools that can support on-site decision-making as well. The trend has helped to create "self-service BI tools" that anybody can use and, with such tools becoming increasingly popular, there is a growing number of cases in which they are being used such as by insurance salespersons making proposals to customers to suit their needs by utilizing BI tools on the spot to analyze customer information.

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