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Machine learning is a method to achieve artificial intelligence (AI). It refers to the method or programs in which, unlike the conventional programs where program developers determine all operations and code them, computers themselves learn from given data and autonomously find the laws and patterns (features) of the data. The major algorithms used for machine learning are classified into "supervised learning" and "unsupervised learning."

Use of machine learning has made it possible for computers to find common laws among a huge volume of data and perform operations that have been suitable for humans. This progress has been backed by the emergence of big data, which continues to increase, and improvements in the processing speed of computers that has made it possible to repeatedly apply complicated numeric calculations to such big data at a high speed. Practical utilization of machine learning is expanding in a variety of fields, with cases of application including automatic driving, recommendation functions in on-line shopping and natural language processing. Due to deep learning, which is a more advanced form of machine learning, AI has achieved rapid growth over recent years.

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