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March 7, 2017


Autonomous Decentralized Control Technology Realizing Overall Optimization by Real-time Collaboration between Systems

Release Digest

Conceptual diagram of Autonomous Decentralized Control technology

Hitachi today announced the development of autonomous decentralized control technology that realizes overall optimization by enabling real time cooperation between systems, and continuous adjustment and decision-making on actions. Unlike the Centralized Control Method (CCM) which integrates data into one location and performs calculations to optimize the whole system, this technology distributes the optimization process to the individual systems, thus enabling a flexible response to increased number of items to be controlled or unexpected environmental fluctuations.

A prototype environment of a group of factories with production control systems using this technology was created, and changes in the overall profitability of the entire plant was measured. Results indicated that the same level profit could be achieved 50 times faster than with CCM.

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