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Research & Development

Research AreaMaterials

Cutting-edge materials technology contributing
to innovative products and solutions

Hitachi is addressing societal issues such as protecting the global environmental
and improving quality of life by overcoming conventional design constraints through materials,
processes and material informatics technologies for innovative products and solutions.

Technology Platform

  • Materials for Electrification

    Developing innovative motors, inverters, and batteries with ground-breaking material technologies that overcome component design constraints in order to contribute to a sustainable, low-carbon society.

    Core technologies

    • Motor materials
    • Inverter materials
    • Battery materials
  • Materials for Environmental and Life Solutions

    Innovating CO2 capture systems and products compliant with environmental regulations, as well as medical testing and manufacturing equipment, quality control solutions, etc. with materials, components, and their systemized technologies with the aim to contribute a society with low environmental load and long healthy lifespans.

    Core technologies

    • Functional inorganic materials
    • Functional organic materials
    • Life science materials
  • Advanced Metal Materials and Manufacturing Platforms

    Using leading-edge material technologies and processing technologies such as 3D modeling and digital manufacturing to create innovative product performance and productivity solutions, reduce environmental load, and help achieve sustainable economic growth.

    Core technologies

    • Metal structural materials
    • Metal additive manufacturing
    • Welding and solid-phase joining
    • Surface thermal treatments
  • Materials Informatics

    Material and process simulation technology, advanced material analysis technology, and material development solutions integrating AI are being used to develop innovative materials at low cost within tight timeframes.

    Core technologies

    • Material simulation
    • Process simulation
    • Advanced material analysis