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Accelerating a Sustainable Future for all

For over 100 years, Hitachi has been actively solving the challenges facing society, led by our founding mission to “contribute to society through the development of superior, original technology and products.”

Keiji Kojima

President & Chief Executive Officer Hitachi, Ltd.

We respect planetary boundaries and aim to improve people’s wellbeing.”

Lorena Dellagiovanna

Senior Vice President and Executive Officer, Chief Sustainability Officer, General Manager of Sustainability Group, and CDEIO Hitachi, Ltd.

My job is to firmly integrate sustainability into our business models, operations, and decision-making.”

Driving transformation

Hitachi is well known for "Inspire the Next" and this brings a responsibility to ensure a positive future – for our planet and for the quality of the lives of all people on it. We are transforming our organization to strengthen our positive impact on the world around us, respect planetary boundaries and place DEI at the heart of our culture.

Key targets:

Hitachi is a proud participant at the COP28 UN climate summit in Dubai. As a Principal Partner at COP26 in Glasgow, right through to the present, we continue to champion accelerated decarbonisation as one of the key answers to tackling climate change.

Sustainability is at the core of Hitachi’s business strategy. Across six material topics and 15 sub-material topics, we are working to make our large and complex business much more sustainable.

Reaching net zero by 2050, in line with the goals of the Paris Agreement, is a huge challenge.

Learn how we are working alongside our partners to contribute.

Sustainability Report

As a trusted partner we ensure our activities and reporting are fully aligned with our principles of integrity and transparency. Learn more about our sustainability performance, our approach to responsible business, and our impact on both society and the environment.

Collaboration and partnerships

Partnership and co-creation are essential for sustainable development. This is how we look to understand and help solve problems. This principle underpins our participation in initiatives and collaborative work with partners in addressing environmental and social issues on a global scale.

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Sustainability ratings and rankings

Hitachi is highly rated across a range of corporate sustainability benchmarks and leading ESG indices. This reflects our commitment to transparency and our focus on delivering on our commitments.

Value creation for people and planet

Hitachi is driven by our mission and our responsibility to advance a sustainable future for all. We collaborate to bring impact to customers, partners and society at large.

Business transformation

Many of the biggest problems that the world faces today will not be solved with just the ideas of yesterday. At Hitachi we believe that it takes both partnership and innovation to stimulate new ways of thinking and to drive transformation. We have reshaped our business to deliver the most effective and meaningful impact on the key infrastructures that advance the sustainable development of society around the world.

Value to customers and society

We are increasingly extending our focus on delivering sustainability outcomes for our partners and society. This means enabling transformation across our entire value chain. Crucially, this spans from our procurement partners and the resources we use, through our own operations to the beneficial impact our solutions create for both our customers and wider society.