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Hitachi, Ltd. chosen as one of the companies of Dow Jones Sustainability Indexes, as the company performing well in CSR

[Image]Dow Jones Sustainability Indexes

Hitachi, Ltd. was chosen as one of the 317 companies of the Dow Jones Sustainability World Indexes, the world's famous Social Responsible Investment (SRI) indexes.

The Dow Jones Sustainability Indexes is the stock index developed cooperatively by Dow Jones & Company in the United States, and Sustainability Asset Management (SAM) Group Holding, an investment boutique in Switzerland focused exclusively on Sustainability Investing. In addition to a company's financial status including business results, three dimensions are taken into account for the selection: Economic Dimension; Environmental Dimension; and Social Dimension. Every year, the top 10% of most sustainable companies in each industrial category are selected from among 2,500 companies for the listing in the DJSI, as the companies performing well in these three fields of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

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