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Social Contribution Activities

Key Fields:Community support Disaster ReliefKey Fields:Community support Disaster Relief

Emgency support

Great East Japan Earthquake Relief

Together with extending our heartfelt sympathies to all those who suffered in the Great East Japan Earthquake Disaster of March 11, 2011, we are praying that the disaster locations will be reconstructed as quickly as is humanly possible.
Hitachi Group is engaged in aid activities with the aim of reconstructing the disaster-affected regions. In order to provide relief to all of those who were affected by the disaster and help with reconstruction of the disaster locations, Hitachi Group Companies have together provided support worth about 1 billion yen, including donations of flat-panel TVs, dry-sell batteries and Disaster Victim Support Systems for municipalities, to aid victims of the disaster and to assist with recovery. We have also opened up company housing in the Tokyo area to disaster victims. We will continue to extend rapid support to help those in disaster areas.

Examples of activities:

  • IT-based Pro Bono Work
  • IT-based Pro Bono Work
    In Toni-cho, Kamaishi City, Iwate Prefecture, Hitachi, Ltd. is cooperating with municipalities, local communities and NPO and other stakeholders in the pro bono activities* of employees using the core business of IT to support for local revitalizations, including building a homepage and e-commerce site for the fisheries cooperative, supporting construction of brand strategies, improvement of business systems, and production of presentation materials for marine product processing companies. Now into its fourth year, this activity is also receiving great feedback from these areas. Going forwards, we will continue to support activation of the entire region of Toni-cho through community support using IT and industrial support.

    *Pro bono activities
    Volunteer work where people use their professional skills for the public good

  • CSR
  • Hitachi Group Environmental Activities
  • The Foundation in Hitachi Group