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Social Contribution Activities

Hitachi Japanese Kite Workshops

April 12 – 25, 2021

  • Human Development
  • Community Support

The Japanese Kite Workshops are a way for Hitachi, the Aratani Foundation and the Japan America Society to give back to the community and to give American students a hands-on experience of Japanese culture.

Each year in October for the past 20 years, Hitachi welcomes Japanese Kite Master, Mikio Toki, to teach elementary school students how to make a Japanese kite using traditional materials such as washi paper and bamboo. The kite workshops are offered primarily to Title I schools in underserved neighborhoods in the Greater Los Angeles area at no cost. The kite workshops are led by Mr. Toki, and he is assisted by his daughter, Asami, the Japan America Society and Hitachi staff, volunteers, and teachers. Each workshop ranges from 60 to 160 students, and a majority of the students cite the Hitachi Japanese Kite Workshops as their favorite activity of the school year.

To date, more than 17,000 children have benefited from the Hitachi Japanese Kite Workshops.

Photo Image 1:  Kite master showing the students how to make a kite./Photo Image 2: Caption: Completed kite.

Left side: Kite master showing the students how to make a kite.
Right side: Completed kite.

Photo Image 3: Students enjoying flying their handmade kites./Photo Image 4: Group photo of participants.

Left side: Students enjoying flying their handmade kites.
Right side: Group photo of participants.

Organizer Japan America Society of Southern California
Business sites and group companies Hitachi, Ltd. Corporate Office (L.A.)
Cooperating organizations Japan America Society of Southern California, Aratani Foundation
Location Greater Los Angeles area
Number of participants 60-160 persons / workshop (Total over 17,000)
  • CSR
  • Hitachi Group Environmental Activities
  • The Foundation in Hitachi Group