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Presentation of Research Summaries of "Hitachi Fund Support for Research Related to Infectious Diseases"

January 12, 2022

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Hitachi Fund Support for Research Related to Infectious Diseases is a grant program to provide grants for evidence-based research projects aiming to academically research, analyze, and study the various issues that have surfaced due to the pandemic of COVID-19 and then share the learnings internationally. This fund has been established by donations from Hitachi, Ltd., its executives and employees of Hitachi, Ltd., and executives of Hitachi Group companies based on our vision.

We received 42 applications during the application period from April through June, 2021. In November, after a rigorous review by the selection committee, five research projects have been selected. From December, 2021, we started providing grants for the selected research projects up to three years to support the researchers who research on relevant to build a more resilient society.

On Wednesday, January 12, 2022, we held an online presentation of research summaries of the selected research projects and released the event report on our website.

We will hold an interim reporting session every year and a symposium of research results in February, 2025 after the research period is finished. Please look forward to their future research activities.

Photo:Speakers of online presentation

Speakers of online presentation

Organizer The Hitachi Global Foundation
Location Online (Zoom)
Number of participants Total 69
[Breakdown] 59 (Viewers), 7(Speakers), 3 (Operating staffs)
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